Welcome to Hemp Fabs

From a vision born in 2006 in Karur, a small hamlet in Tamil Nadu, South India to a group with a well entrenched presence in weaving and made ups.
We are Hemp Fabs, a premier 100% traditional Hemp & Linen and Cotton fabric manufacturer, catering to leading fashion and retailers worldwide.
We have remained committed to a simple mantra. We believe in enabling fashion. And a mere look at our journey so far bears testimony to this fact.
Our diverse and value integrated approach has seen us go from strength to strength. From being the reigning kings of Hemp fabric.
Today, we are poised on the threshold of success in the home textile arena. The journey ahead seems as exciting. Watch this space as it unfolds.

Hemp Fabs is a company founded upon good environmental policies. Our mission is to help the planet by promoting hemp. We strive to bring hemp back into the mainstream of industry by providing quality natural hemp at the lowest possible prices.

Linen is made from the fibres of Flax plant
which needs more nurturing, and producing the relatively long fibers to make into yarn and weave is a more difficult process than something like cotton. The cost of processing and manufacturing linen is more than most of the fabrics.

Cotton is grown from non genetically modified plants, and is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Its production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles.


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